Consolidating bills with bad credit

17-Dec-2017 11:29

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Chances are your insurer will use the credit score to determine the insurance rate.In addition, utility and cell phone providers may be forced to charge you a security deposit due to your bad credit.Either way, we can help you with our bad credit loans. We can track down and secure the lowest interest rate for you.No matter why you need a payday loan, Credit Poor is on hand to make sure you choose the correct short-term loan for your needs. We can help you find the loan you need, to cover your cash shortfall and we do this quickly and simply.In the case of multiple cases of negative feedback on your report translates to a bad credit.Among the data sent to the credit bureau and which affects your credit score include, filed bankruptcy, charge high balances, or even vehicle repossessed.Just fill in our online application, and we do the rest.

It’s very easy and quick to complete the application and we can usually give you an answer the same day, even within minutes.To find out where your credit score lies, the easiest way is to check with the credit bureau.Keep in mind that there is no standard cut-off between good and poor credit score but is your credit score report ranks you below 620, and then you are on the poor credit side.We make applying for a payday loan easy, and we promise to give you a decision as quickly as possible.

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We don’t need masses of documents from you, and we don’t run a credit score check on you.

Here at Credit Poor, we understand that from time to time, people need a little cash to get them through to the end of the month.

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